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Mission Statement

The TextGrid Repository is a digital preservation archive for human sciences research data providing a variety of data for teaching and research purposes.It promotes open access to research data including open standards allowing an efficient reuse for research. The TextGridRep also provides researchers with a comprehensive and reliable service to store their data permanently, well described and with a stable reference for citation and reuse.

The TextGridRep is part of the TextGrid Virtual Research Environment (VRE), which offers besides digital preservation also open-source software for collaborative creation, analysis and publication of text and images. The TextGrid VRE is optimised for XML/TEI formats and editorial publication out of the TextGrid Laboratory (TextGridLab). An independent publication from the TextGridLab including other types of data and formats is equally possible by tools using the TextGridRep API such as TG-import.

The TextGrid Repository is a community orientated result of a national program to establish a Digital Humanities infrastructure in Germany and operates together with the DARIAH-DE Repository as part of the Humanities Data Center (HDC).

The mission of the TextGridRep is to serve nationally and internationally research, teaching and learning by providing long term preservation, further processing, openly sharing and dissemination of digital research data according to ethical and scientific standards of the international research community.

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