TextGrid Resolver and PIDs

Public TextGrid URIs

The TextGrid Resolver resolves TextGrid URIs from their normative value


to their direct TG-crud links, such as

So you can use

to get the descriptive and technical metadata file, and

to get the data file of each TextGrid object. The resolver always will point to the correct TG-crud instance.

You also can resolve TextGrid PIDs using the resolver (the hdl: namespace prefix may NOT be omitted here):

Non-Public TextGrid URIs

It is also possible to use the resolver for TextGridLab URIs (non-public TextGrid URIs). Just add the RBAC Session ID as a parameter as following:


Persistent Identifiers

Every published TextGrid object has got a Persistent Identifier (ePIC Handle PID)! Publicly available TextGrid Objects can be addressed via their PID and a PID resolver, such as http://hdl.handle.net or http://dx.doi.org. The PID you can find in every public TextGrid object metadata in the

<pid pidType="handle">hdl:11858/00-1734-0000-0005-1424-B</pid>


The PID would be


and could be addressed using every Handle Resolver Service (the “hdl:” prefix may be omitted):

Each PID is resolved directly to its TextGrid URI and resolver.